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*The Secrets to

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*The Secrets to PRESENTING with IMPACT

You make presentations every week, any time you are called upon to communicate, to persuade, to convince, you are presenting information. This workshop is designed to start you on your way to becoming more organized, confident, dynamic, and connected
with your listeners. Audiences will walk away with the tools to add the “wow” factor and that finishing touch to their next presentations. Whether speaking to 3 or 3000 people, come learn from a Pro!   You will learn:


    • Presentation Skills Inventory
    • The IMPACT Process
    • Tips for Analyzing Your Audience
    • How to Plan What to Say In Less Time
    • Dynamic Ways to Open and Close Your Presentation
    • Techniques to Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Engage/Build Rapport with Your Audience
    • How to Handle Questions

*Communicating with IMPACT

In today’s high-tech world, good old-fashioned, verbal communication is not as good as it used to be. In this fun, yet practical presentation, you will learn a practical six-step system to improve communication and get better results. Patrick takes a look at how we communicate and why very often, the message we send is not necessarily the same message others receive! Improved communications leads to improving your bottom line, enhancing relationships, building teams, gaining and retaining customers and managing change less stress and better service. Learn how to reduce misunderstanding and communicate in less time.


  • Learn the practical, 6-Step, IMPACT Process to improve your communication and get better results
  • Uncover the Four common communication barriers and how to avoid them
  • Identify the four basic communication styles and how to adapt to each (DiSC)
  • Master Five active listening skills to help you stay focused and check for understanding
  • Explore Two ways to summarize a conversation that reduce communicate errors
  • Learn how to transform words into actions and actions into results
  • Plus a bonus “Communication Inventory” to rate your current communication skills!

*Communicating with STYLE

Computers have manuals – Why Not People! Learn the four personality styles (D.I.S.C.) and how they affect leadership, communication, sales and the bottom line. You will discover your style and learn the secrets to adapt your communications style to the style of others in order to enhance relationships, increase productivity, build teams, manage change, improve customer service and increase profits.

  • D.I.S.C. – Discuss The Four Communication Styles
  • Identify Your Communication Style – (D.I.S.C. Instrument available upon request)
  • Techniques To To Read Others and Adapt Your Style To Theirs
  • Communication Barriers And How To Overcome Them
  • People D.I.S.C. Compatibility Characteristics
  • Case Study On The Different D.I.S.C. Styles
  • Techniques to improve Communications and Productivity


*Becoming a Kaizen Leader

What are your strengths? Where can you improve? This program will provide some clues when you evaluate yourself on the 14 traits successful leaders possess. Join Patrick Donadio, Master Certified Coach, as he teaches you practical techniques to take your leadership skills to the next level. Plus bonus handout – “The 10 Commandments of Leadership.”


  • “Leadership Traits Inventory” – Identify your strengths and discover where you can improve
  • Discussion Of Traits Of Successful Leadership
  • Why Great leaders are Great Coachers?  (Discuss Lead vs. Manage)
  • Change Process Model – The key to behavior change
  • Explore the Four Leadership Styles – (DiSC)
  • The role of responsibility in leading (Stimulus/Response Model)
  • The Fine Art Of Active Listening
  • The Continuous Learning Process 

*POWERFUL PR-Working with the Media

Much of what you see in newspapers and on radio & television today is the result of someone’s polished public relations skills. You can learn these same insider techniques! This workshop is a must for those who want to learn how to get their message out, enhance their media image, handle a media interview and increase their client base.


  • Common Mistakes When Working with the Media
  • The “Real” Definition of Publicity
  • 3 Ingredients to Turn Information Into “News”
  • What Do Editors/Reporters Want?
  • 3 Types of Questions That May Stump You
  • Tactics for Preparing and Handling a Media Interview
  • Practice Interviews – Use your new skills in real interview situations

*Business Development – The Attraction Factor

The relationship with your client doesn’t end with the purchase that’s where it begins. Learn low-cost, highly effective solutions to increase sales, cross-sell clients, build a referral network and establish yourself as “the” expert. Patrick shows you how to build and deepen relations to grow your business!

*COACHING for Superior Performance

Managing and leading by control is not practical and does not lead to superior performance. Learn a five-step coaching system you can use right away to increase people’s level of performance, increase their productivity and improve the bottom line.

*Conducting MEETINGS with IMPACT for RESULTS

The amount of time spent in meetings is so substantial that skills in managing them are vital to productivity. We meet to make decisions, solve problems, develop budgets, plan projects, create policies, hire and fire staff, coordinate activities, and more. Learn how to conduct meetings that get results in less time!

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