Excellent speaker. Thanks for bringing Patrick to this conference. I’ve heard many motivational speakers, but Patrick is “one of the best”

“Patrick made us laugh, think and learn all at the same time.”
– Jody Fitch, Children’s Medical Center

These are outstanding presentations to open the day’s program, inspire them at lunch or close an event on a positive note.

Donadio’s most requested keynote presentation:

*Communicating with IMPACT


In today’s high-tech world, good old-fashioned, verbal communication is not as good as it used to be. In this fun, yet practical presentation, you will learn a practical six-step system to improve communication and get better results. Patrick takes a look at how we lead, communicate and present information because very often the message we send is not necessarily the same message others receive! Improved communications leads to improving your bottom line, enhancing relationships, building teams, gaining and retaining customers and managing change less stress and better service. Learn how to reduce misunderstanding and communicate in less time.

You will learn the 6-Step IMPACT process to achieve greater results, based on Patrick’s book “Communicating with IMPACT“:

  • Intention – Teach you how to craft a powerful intention statement
  • Message – Learn how to create your message to achieve your intention
  • Person – Identify and utilize the four fundamental behavioral styles to “personalize” the message
  • Activate – Discuss skills to help you and the receiver stay focused and present
  • Clarify – Explore techniques to check for understanding
  • Transform – Show you how to transform your words into actions to get greater results

These principles will provide you with the tools you need to lead more effectively, communicate more clearly, present more powerfully, create deeper relationships, enhance your credibility, increase sales, achieve greater results, and positively impact the lives of others.

(Patrick will customized this program to your group’s needs and challenges.)


Other Keynotes available:

(Full outlines are available for these programs up request.)

*Leadership Development

What are your strengths? Where can you improve? This program will provide some clues when you evaluate yourself on the 14 traits successful leaders possess. Join Patrick Donadio, Master Certified Coach, as he teaches you practical techniques to take your leadership skills to the next level and become a “Kaizen Leader”. Plus bonus handout – “The 10 Commandments of Leadership.”

*The Secrets of Powerful Presentations

The number one indicator of success and upward mobility is how effective you are at making speaking to groups. Learn from a Pro! You will walk away with the tools to add polish and pizzazz to your next presentation.

*Belief Driven Success

“Nothing changes until you change!” Every day the thoughts/beliefs we possess about our self/abilities and the world around us drive our behaviors and results. The good news is we can learn how to upgrade our beliefs to achieve even greater success. In this practical yet entertaining program Patrick shares what successful people do well and techniques you can use immediately to increase your success. You will learn practical techniques to: proactively create your future success; anticipate and overcome roadblocks; change your beliefs and behaviors to achieve extraordinary results; develop the courage to face change; turn mistakes into “learning opportunities” and prepare to take risks to quickly apply these newly learned skills. “Belief Driven Success” guides the audience on how they can be more, do more and have more in both their professional and personal lives.

*Business Development – The Attraction Factor

The relationship with your client doesn’t end with the purchase that’s where it begins. Learn low-cost, highly effective solutions to increase sales, cross-sell clients, build a referral network and establish yourself as “the” expert. Patrick shows you how to build and deepen relations to grow your business!

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